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Here are the questions we're asked most frequently. If there's anything we've missed, don't hesitate to get in touch.

Registering with Hourglass is easy. Simply submit your CV, send it to or call one of our friendly Consultants on +44 (0) 845 812 0201 and they will talk you through the easy registration process.

Hourglass consultants focus on permanent roles, overseas candidates and leadership. Our client schools also often ask us to fill long-term temporary (from around 6 weeks) and fixed term contracts.

As part of Pertemps Education, we can also help education professionals find day-to-day supply work in teaching, non-teaching and support roles within schools and other education settings.

When you register with us, we may suggest you speak to a Pertemps Education consultant, if they would be best placed to help with your job search.

Absolutely. Our consultants deal with a mixture of long-term temporary (from around 6 weeks), fixed term or permanent contracts. If you are looking for a permanent role or want to discuss the next step in your career, please send your CV to or call one of our friendly consultants on +44 (0) 845 812 0201 and they will talk you through the easy registration process.

We work with a variety of schools, academies and multi-academy trusts to help them find the teaching staff they require. The majority of our client schools are secondary schools in London, the home counties and the south east of England, but we also work with primaries, post-16 institutions, and those based further afield.

The majority of our client schools are in London and the south east of England, but we often work with those based further afield.

What you earn is dependent on a number of factors and will vary between roles. Your consultant will be transparent about the hourly rate or annual salary on offer for each role. Factors that may affect what you might be paid include:

  • Your experience
  • The level of the role and whether you will have responsibility
  • The location of the role.

No. We will never ask teachers to pay for our recruitment advice or other services.

Most of our client schools are looking for teachers with Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). More information on QTS and eligibility can be found on the government website:

We do help schools with their recruitment of support staff such as teaching assistants, administrative staff and technicians. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you are interested in one of these roles.

Hourglass refer a friend £250 bonusWe offer a generous £250 bonus if you make a referral to us. This will be paid when your referred candidate has worked 25 days through Hourglass. The candidate that has been referred must be qualified, we offer £75 for unqualified referrals.

We welcome all referrals, but are particularly interested in hearing from:

  • NQTs looking for their first teaching position
  • Teachers looking for their next post
  • Teachers keen to relocate
  • Experienced teachers seeking leadership and responsibility positions
  • School senior managers looking for further promotion

So, if you know of any teachers who are looking for a teaching opportunity, who could benefit from our recruitment services, please recommend them now by sending their CV and contact details to or call one of our friendly consultants on +44 (0) 845 812 0201 and they will talk you through the referral process.

As soon as the referred teacher works 25 days through Hourglass you will be eligible for £250 cash.

Terms and Conditions of referral scheme

  1. You must seek the permission of the teacher prior to referring them to Hourglass.
  2. You must provide full contact details as set out above.
  3. All referrals must be fully qualified to teach in mainstream schools.
  4. In the instance where a teacher is referred by 2 or more people, the first referral will qualify for the bonus.
  5. The teacher referred must not already be on our database or currently working through Hourglass.
  6. You will be eligible for the referral bonus as soon as the referred teacher has completed 25 days in a teaching position arranged by Hourglass.
  7. In the unlikely event of a disputed fee, Hourglass will conduct a thorough investigation and their decision shall be final.

If the referred teacher is appointed to a permanent position arranged by Hourglass, payments will be made when the candidate has passed any rebate or probationary period (typically 8-12 weeks).

Hear from our


My mom would always say give credit where it is due. Honestly, this agency deserves an award! My consultant, Ed Hyland has been informative, friendly, supportive and knowledgeable from the beginning. I am now proud to say that I successfully obtained my visa and BRP, and have settled in quite nicely to my new role. I can be said to be a chatter box, but there was always someone at Hourglass to answer my questions, and support me as a newcomer. Everyone at the school has been incredibly helpful, super nice and supportive and I honestly don't think I could've been matched with a better school. I want to thank you guys again for everything and encourage you all to keep doing what you're dong. You are all well appreciated. Although I know a lot of persons were in the background helping my process, I want to give special thanks to Ed Hyland, Claire Murphy, and Nina for a real dream come true. Thanks a million!


Fantastic experience with Ed and Stephanie! Thank you so much for all your help, in making the job application process so quick and easy with everything completed within 4 days from my interview - even with a weekend in between! Highly professional, supportive, encouraging and an amazingly smooth process. You've found me the perfectly matched job, I had hoped for and I'm excited to be starting next week. 5 stars!


Great team. Thumbs up to the entire staff and especially to James for being so responsive, supportive and reliable at all times. Steph and Claire are a great support as well. Professionalism all the way through.


Great service - attentive, informed, honest and efficient. Lots of supportive and nurturing advice which differentiates from other companies and makes a huge difference to the recruitment process. Thank you very much Ed!


Hourglass is a first class recruitment agency which provided me with the requisite information at all stages of the recruitment process. The team worked efficiently to ensure that the process was simple and straightforward. James, Claire and Stephanie are experts in their roles and will always go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are truly satisfied.


On my journey to the UK I have received full assistance. Hourglass provided me with adequate information in order to complete the process. Thank you to James, the perm team manager for being on hand with his services throughout this entire process, providing information in a timely manner with expounding on details if necessary at any given time. I would highly recommend Hourglass Education for teacher job recruitment as I have been successful with the use of them.


My experience at Hourglass has been a favourable one. The staff (mostly Claire and occasionally Steph) are reliable and honest from the initial introductory stage of the financial obligations, to the job offer, the initial move, to the settling in phase. Any questions that I had regarding my move was answered in a timely manner. No matter how simple or complex the query, Hourglass did their best assist.


If you are ever thinking about relocating, Hourglass is the top tier organization of choice. My agent Claire ensured all I needed was at my finger tips, and my transition was smooth and effortless. All the necessary documents, interviews and places to be were suggested with hassle-free instructions. Thanks to Hourglass for making my transition to the UK a success and smooth one.


I highly recommend Hourglass. The staff at Hourglass is great and they guide you through every step of the process. I commend the entire team for everything they have done to assist me with my move to the UK. I also sincerely appreciate James, Ed, Stephanie and Claire for helping me to gain a job and to ensure that my transition to the UK was smooth. Keep up the work you guys because this agency is a blessing. Thank you.


Excellent service overall. My specific agent ensured I was comfortable and kept informed about everything taking place. It is obviously a team effort at Hourglass. Many agents contacted me at different phases to get specific things done - whether interviews, documents verification, visa details, and even relocation guidance. It was just an amazing experience to work with the Hourglass team, and I have already begun recommending this service to persons who are desirous of finding good jobs overseas without hassle.

Richard Y

Ed is an amazing agent! He worked very closely with me throughout the entire process and ensured that I received the best possible offer from the best client. Ed, thanks for your patience and invaluable assistance and support. People like you are why others continue to believe that life is still worth living. Continue to make a difference. I'll be sure to tell all I know who are looking for overseas teaching jobs to come to Hourglass, specifically to Ed. Many thanks also to Stephanie, who ensured that I had all the required documents. She never skipped a beat, and because of her, neither did I.


My experience with Hourglass was excellent. It all started with Josh who responded to my emails in a timely and professional manner. Then Ed came a long to speak with me about my CV. The process continued with James and Claire who guided and communicated with me in a way that allowed me to felt so comfortable. ( It was nice meeting you[ James & Claire] face to face). I must also commend Stephanie for doing her work in a professional way as well. Overall, I must say that Hourglass is an outstanding recruiting agency. Well done team Hourglass! especially to Claire who actually communicated with me even after her working hours. 👏👏👍


I had a wonderful experience working with Hourglass. I was guided by Claire, Stephanie and James. They were extremely supportive and guided me every step of the way. James first made contact and he made sure I had everything to prepare me for the next stages and both himself and Claire were very supportive during the interview. Even though the process was overwhelming, I was never alone. Claire regularly sent messages to help guide the process and she was there whenever I had any questions or uncertainties. Stephanie also was very helpful and my documents were regularly updated. They made my move to the UK a rewarding experience and I could not have done it without them.


I had an excellent experience with Hourglass. From the first point of contact with James until I was handed over to Claire and Stephanie. No question that I had was deemed to be too much. They went out of their way to make sure that I was clear about everything from start to finish (application to arrival in the UK). Claire was awesome. Anytime she was contacted she responded and she made sure that everything was done in a professional manner. I felt comfortable communicating with her about any concern I had. Hourglass is an excellent recruiting agency👍


Hourglass is the best teaching agency I've worked with. They've kept me in work, in schools I want to work in, and taken the hassle out of the application rigmarole. The team have taken the time to understand what I'm looking for in a role and are incredibly diligent at finding relevant opportunities. I'm certain they wouldn't send me to a school unless they really thought I'd get on well there. Ed deserves a special mention for his frequent check-ins. He calls when he says he will, and is always knowledgeable and professional in his manner, but not without a sense of humour. It's really reassuring to know that someone is looking out for me, and Ed's advice always feels like he's considering my best interests. I'd recommend hourglass to any teachers looking for work.


James offers a very professional, polite and humane service. He has matched me up with a school that aligns so well with both my past experiences and my interests as well as finding a school in which I feel at home. Although I have almost a decade’s worth of experience in education this was the first time I approached an agency based on it being highly recommended by another teacher and I have to say I was incredibly impressed. I can see why so many good schools are connected with Hourglass and with long-term to permanent positions - they clearly are providing schools with high quality staff in a way that is far more efficient for both schools and teachers. I would recommend them to any colleague or friend in teaching.


I'm really impressed with the service I've received from Hourglass. Finding a job in the UK seemed like a long shot, but they kept true to their promise and in a few months I was able to move to secure an offer and move to the UK with my husband. Special shout out to Claire, Ed, and Stephanie who guided me through every step of the process even after we arrived in the UK! Will definitely be recommending this company to others.


I am forever grateful to Hourglass Education for helping me to secure the perfect teaching position in the UK. The Hourglass consultants have been very efficient throughout the entire process, from the telephone interview with Josh to the face to face interviews in Kingston straight to the point where I landed in London. They have even kept in touch with me throughout my first couple weeks on the job just to make sure I am transitioning well into the new environment. Relocating to another country in the middle of a pandemic with all sorts of restrictions on travel is certainly not easy, but thanks to Claire I was able to do with my wife and kids. Hourglass has got to be the best in the business and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a teaching role in the UK.


I am truly grateful for the support that I have received from James and Ed over this past month. James was the first one to take my case, I appreciate him for believing in my potential and treating me with kindness and respect this whole time. I cant believe that Ed found a suitable role for me in such short time and even helped me find a place at a great school in UK. Their actions and advice were always in my best interest. They were extremely courteous, approachable and informative. I can't emphasise enough the professionalism they have shown. Please look no further, the team is highly capable and committed!!


The services provided by Josh, Claire and the rest of the Hourglass team was next to none. The team went above and beyond to ensure I was comfortable throughout the entire application process. I specifically remembered an instance when I made a huge mistake on my application and something happened that I will never forget, this mistake could have cause me the opportunity of a lifetime. When I thought I had lost the opportunity, Josh, Claire and the rest of the Hourglass team worked twice as hard to ensure that the opportunity didn't fall through the cracks. During this phase Claire was up very late in the night's assisting me, when I say late a meant 1, 2 o'clock in the mornings. I felt like I was a part of the team, I felt like family. I was treated very noble, I was treated with respect, I was treated in the manner which all teachers dreamed of being treated, like a world changer.


Thankful for Hourglass Education in my move to the UK. I was supported each step of the way by various consultants. They helped me find a position, prepare for the interviews and then Claire was fabulous in guiding me through the visa application and relocation process, Highly recommend.


The only jobs I have truly been successful in have been found by Ed at Hourglass. I have kept in touch with Ed for the past 3-4 years and he has only found me the best Schools. Ed has gone above and beyond to make sure he only gets me the best Schools and the best outcomes for me. Ed knows his stuff in the teacher world, he communicates well, is very honest and has never let me down as a colleague. I no longer apply directly to Schools, I just tell Ed what I want and what I don't want and I leave it in his hands. He has never let me down. I am now happy in a school I took during the first lockdown. Ed said I wouldn't regret it and he was right! Hourglass have always picked me up when things have gone wrong in Schools for me. They are really upfront and honest. Hourglass as a whole first introduced me to teach science back in 2016 from PE and I have never looked back. As a company I would highly recommend. TES is no longer the site I look at for jobs.


I am elated to say that Hourglass has made my transition to the UK a smooth and easy one. Claire was very helpful in guiding me through the process and provided me with all the information I needed. I would definitely recommend Hourglass if you decide to relocate to the UK to teach.

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