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One of our consultants recently came across a CV which he thought looked interesting. This Australian was a ‘non-qualified teacher with a big education but with less experience than most’ – his words, not ours. Not such a problem as someone with good subject knowledge can often work as an unqualified instructor in English schools. However, he went on to explain that his right to work in the UK was about to expire, and that’s when it got exciting!

We’re used to dealing with complex visa requirements. As a result of our long connection with overseas trained teachers, we have lost count of the number of teachers and schools we have helped through this process

Determined to help

Our Australian teacher had already tried ‘countless agencies around the UK but no one could help’. He was ‘tired of rhetoric and promises from agents who not only couldn’t deliver but didn’t bother to try to understand my specific situation’.

Hourglass was determined to help and happily took up the challenge. The team called ‘literally every single day … encouraging, providing support and going out of their way’ to find the teacher’s perfect position. He was ‘taken aback by their heartfelt service – and in a world where tech dominates, it was refreshing to feel a sense of community in the Hourglass team’.

Exciting new job with a great starting salary

We know that square pegs don’t fit into round holes. We understand that sometimes circumstances can get in the way. Of course our priority is to find the best teachers for our client schools and great opportunities for the teachers who register with us. If that means we sometimes have to think outside the box, that’s fine by us!

Our Australian teacher was thrilled with the outcome: ‘I now have an exciting new job, a great starting salary and I can remain in the UK with my family. Without sounding dramatic, everyone else thought it was hopeless considering the odds but the Hourglass team made it happen.’

The moral of the story is that teachers are human too! They have personal circumstances and diverse career histories which make them unique – who knew?

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