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Hourglass Education takes a truly international view – and we can help!

The commentary around problematic teacher recruitment in the UK has been gaining traction in the last few years. It’s complicated, though – numbers of new entrants to postgraduate initial training (ITT) were up this year, but so were pupil numbers – and it won’t come as a surprise to hear that teacher retention rates are weakening.  

At the same time, traditional recruitment methods (school generated media and job board advertising) are frustrating: less effective than they were, with continually rising associated costs. And someone still has to spend time shortlisting, devising interview schedules, and vetting, all of which incur below-the-line costs to add to the total.

Our headteachers tell us that, whatever the reasons, it is becoming increasingly difficult - and more expensive than ever - to find the right people to fill classroom vacancies.

We can help!

Led by former education leaders, Hourglass Education understands that each of our client schools has its own set of requirements, and we spend time and energy getting to know them. Our best work is carried out in collaboration with schools so that we can do the heavy lifting while the SLT carries on carrying on.

Creative solutions

We have proactively honed our candidate networks over the years, using recommendation, personal experience and background checks for quality assurance. As a result, schools trust us to make recommendations about the best ways to fill their vacancies.

Overseas recruitment – a gamechanger

We have seen particular success in schools which are characterised by their cultural diversity. With candidates sourced from overseas, headteachers gain access to a new pool of talented, well-qualified candidates. They appreciate the opportunity to introduce differences in pedagogical practice, provide alternative role models and to emphasise global, positive mobility for their pupils.

Best in class

We are proud of our reputation for finding the best overseas teachers for jobs in the UK and have focused our efforts on markets where English is the primary spoken language, and where qualifications are comparable to teaching qualifications in England. As a result, we have built networks and sourced high-calibre teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, South Africa and the Caribbean.  In most cases, we interview candidates in the field and carry out initial background checks in person. Sometimes it is just not feasible to do so, and we continue to explore the various technologies which can help to overcome this problem. Most recently, we’ve started to use Hinterview, which allows us to make overseas recruitment more personal with video technology.

International relocation – experience worth its weight in gold

Planning to move around the word can be daunting for teachers and schools alike. The good news is that Hourglass has been experiencing the trials and tribulations of visa applications, overseas qualifications, budgeting recommendations – even packing lists – for years. We have made a study of the best way to work towards a trouble-free relocation and a seamless transition into teaching roles in the UK and have a specialists on-hand to assist at all times. 

Take a look at our information for schools to find out how Hourglass Education can help you.