The best things about Cambridgeshire

There’s a rumour that Cambridgeshire can get a bit nippy in the winter months.

It’s said that there’s nothing to stop the wind blowing in from Siberia. Whether that’s true or not, Cambridgeshire definitely has its wild side. When the Romans were roaming the fens, it was a remote and inaccessible region. The tufts of solid ground rising above shallow water provided a mysterious habitat well suited to willo-the-wisps with their dancing lights and the dead hand which would emerge from the water and pull a man to his death. Nice.

Cities in Cambridgeshire

The county is now characterised by sophisticated cities and market towns. Peterborough is the largest city in the region. It is best known for its gothic Cathedral and rail links on the East Coast Main Line between London and Edinburgh. With a population of around 202,259, Peterborough is one of the UK's fastest growing cities.

Travelling from Peterborough by train or by car, you can be in Cambridge in around an hour. Of course, there’s all that this prestigious University has to offer, but with free outdoor film screenings in the Market Square, and an eclectic mix of music, art and drama venues, there’s much more to the town than the colleges and punting on the Cam! It’s also home to Christ's Pieces, the oddly named parkland adjacent to Christ's College. It first appeared on a 1574 map as the site of a cereal crop, but today offers open green space immediately behind the bus station.

Adventures in the fens

If you’re longing for some fresh air, there’s adventure for everyone in the wild fenland countryside. The conditions have to be just right for skating, when the meadows flood and then freeze over. It’s safe to skate because the ice is very shallow, and it’s not a new idea - bone skates have been found in the area, dating back to the medieval period. 

If you want to go for a run, let the dog blow off some steam, or have a leisurely family stroll, there are plenty of stunning walks in and around the market towns and villages scattered around the area. And for those who find walking thirsty work, pit stops are possible at some highly recommended watering holes.

The Carpenters Arms has been serving the village of Great Wilbrahim for 250 years. It has been recently refurbished “with its historical interiors sympathetically, but spectacularly refreshed.” It has a new restaurant with the wow factor – built from glass, wrapping itself around the rear of the building, filling the colourful, vibrant interiors with light and air.

A 20 minute drive will take you into the horse racing country, around Newmarket, and a 17th Century village pub in Woodditton. The Three Blackbirds has literally risen from the ashes of a devastating fire in 2018 and is now the perfect place to kick off your wellies and enjoy great pub classics. The menu changes regularly and features local meats, award winning cheeses and the best veg the fenlands can offer.

Cambridgeshire is also home to a wide range of schools and academies. We’re proud to be supporting some of the best as they search for vice principals and other senior leaders. Contact Sarah Catchpole for more information.

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