Case study: Yvonne relocated from Jamaica in 2015

Yvonne relocated from Jamaica in 2015

The candidate:

Yvonne relocated from Jamaica in 2015. She is married, with children and travelled on a Tier 2 visa with a certificate of sponsorship from her employer.


Her primary motivation was the career development potential in the UK. She was also excited by the cultural diversity she would experience in London. From a personal standpoint, Yvonne was keen to broaden her horizons and explore the world from an English perspective.


As an experienced teacher who qualified in Jamaica, Yvonne was an excellent candidate for English schools. Since joining a multi-academy trust in the south east of England she has quickly made a positive impact and is now Headteacher of one of the trust’s three primary schools.

Yvonne found the visa application process the most nerve-wracking part of her relocation. However, her consultant provided the information she needed and “was there every step of the way to answer any queries”.

Yvonne’s family has also benefited by the diversity in London. Inspired by friends and colleagues, they are eager to increase their list of travel destinations to include the home countries of the people they have met in the UK.