We have spent decades developing overseas recruitment and retention drives.

As travel is currently restricted, we have modified this blueprint so that our client schools can still take advantage of our expertise – and our global talent pool.

We still present an interview schedule made up of pre-vetted teachers, handpicked according to the school’s own unique requirements and matched to their criteria.

What makes the event special?

  1. We’ll host a Microsoft Teams event.  Come to our offices, or participate from your own desk.
  2. You can interview up to 10 teachers per day – each will be seeking a permanent role from September and is exclusive to your school.
  3. We’ll build your interview schedule based on your requirements and made up of qualified and experienced teachers who match your key criteria.

What are the benefits?

Our market-leading overseas team helps schools hunt out the very best overseas candidates, and support them through the immigration and relocation process. Our virtual recruitment and retention days also give you:

  • Access to Hourglass’ comprehensive recruitment and retention process
  • Expert support throughout the compliance and visa process
  • No financial cost incurred until the teacher starts work
  • Our commitment to retention. Our candidate aftercare ensures longevity and loyalty to your school