Many of our schools are looking outside the UK to fill their vacancies. For more than 20 years, Hourglass has been sourcing, recruiting and successfully relocating high calibre, highly valued teachers who have been trained and gained experience overseas. These teachers bring a rich and diverse life view which enhances classroom experience and broadens horizons for the whole school community.

We have helped hundreds of teachers move their lives and build their careers in the UK – but we never fail to be impressed and gratified by the positive impact their talent, energy and dedication has in our client schools. Where it works best, hiring managers view recruiting from overseas not as a quick fix, but as part of their long-term resourcing strategy. We continue to offer support as they rise through the ranks, often progressing from the classroom to middle and senior leadership positions.

Find out more about the advantages of recruiting from overseas, and how Hourglass can help with your staffing requirements.


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