Support staff

We are privileged to work with talented support staff who have the commitment to make a real difference to the school community.

Learning support

Teachers rely on support staff to provide assistance and help young people achieve the outcomes they need. There are lots of roles which fall into this category and include teaching and classroom assistants, learning support assistants, learning mentors, librarians and technicians in science, ICT, food and design and technology. 

Logistical support

A well-run school can be misleading. There are many moving parts which may not be obvious, which ensure it runs smoothly. This would not be possible without the support staff underpinning the business of education. Every SLT relies on business managers, admin and finance staff, cover supervisors, examinations officers and school attendance officers to ensure everyday life carries on efficiently.

Supporting the school environment

It goes without saying that young people deserve to learn in a safe and healthy environment. Every school has child protection officers to safeguard its pupils, and the whole community benefit from the support provided by the staff who look after the facilities and physical environment.  

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